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Measure, verify, trade, and report your environmental attributes data with EarnDLT’s trusted platform.

EarnDLT® creates trust and transparency through verifiable provenance for environmental attributes in the commodities sector

Organizations are facing expanding market and regulatory pressures to enhance transparency and compliance surrounding supply chain partners, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and other environmental and social impacts.

However, large pockets of value across the commodities sector are currently locked in data silos, unable to be measured, recorded, or validated, leading to a lack of trust and transparency.

EarnDLT is dedicated to enabling sustainable commodities producers to create value from these "untapped sources", where there are market failures in liquidity, trust and connection.

How It Works



EarnDLT’s Quantified Emissions Token® (QET) encodes and shares the measured attributes of renewable and low-carbon resources.



QET's measured emissions data are verified by trusted independent verifiers in alignment with the ISO 14064-3  standard.



QETs provide a new revenue stream and product differentiation for clean commodities producers.



The use of QETs ensures transparency, trust, and verifiable provenance for sustainability and global GHG emissions reporting.

Discover the Future of Clean Commodities.

How It Works

The Quantified Emissions Token®

EarnDLT encodes verified and auditable environmental attributes from the point of production in a digital “token” that represents that environmental data.

QETs enable Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions to be measured, recorded, and verified in an efficient and standardized manner, providing a high-fidelity carbon reduction for commodity buyers.

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Benefits of QETs


Reduce data silos

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by providing a single, trusted, and transactable medium for sustainability data storage and management.


Increase value creation

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by channeling previously siloed data and realizing tangible benefits in adopting sustainability principles.


Enhance traceability

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throughout the supply chain with permanence of primary data, self-auditing capabilities, and carbon accounting integrity.


Reporting with confidence

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with sustainability metrics measured and verified according to industry-leading science-based standards.

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“By leveraging Earn to transact Environmental Attributes, we expect to be able to differentiate and add value to our low carbon products.”

— Tim Cornelius, Head of Corporate Development, Proman AG

"By leveraging EarnDLT to transact Environmental Attributes, we expect to be able to differentiate and add value to our low carbon products."

— Tim Cornelius, Head of Corporate Development, Proman AG

"Earn has created a new commercial path for our commodity and environmental attributes, giving optionality and clarity to the downstream market in a way that benefits our entire value chain."

— Kelly Bott, SVP Corporate Affairs , Purewest Energy

"Downstream customers, from utilities to chemical producers, have made clear their desire to reduce supply chain emissions. Earn offers the perfect tool to track emissions and create market forces to decarbonize operations."

— Ryan Brush, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Project Canary

"We see the Earn platform as a crucial bridge that provides commercialized access to valuable data, enabling operators to capitalize on new opportunities."

— Greg Reicker, Co-Founder and CTO, LongPath Technologies

Why Use EarnDLT®?

For ESG Professionals

Enhanced data integrity and transparency

Streamlined data collection & management

Improved ESG performance tracking and reporting

Discover ESG Benefits

For Sales and Marketing teams

Improved customer value and loyalty

Clear product differentiation with lower carbon attributes

New sales and revenue streams

Enhance Revenue Streams

For Commodity Producers

Permanent record of verified emissions data

Improved supply chain and regulatory trust

Transparent future-proofing for an ever-evolving Carbon Market

Enhance Production

For Measurers and Verifiers

Enhanced data integrity and traceability

Streamlined verification processes and reduced costs

Improved collaboration and data transfer among stakeholders

Enhance Collaboration & Profits
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