Digitize and Monetize Your Sustainability with QET V2.0

Discover how to transform your environmental attributes into a high-value, tradable digital asset.

Download the QET Paper to unlock new value in your commodity sales and energy production.

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What's inside?

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An Introduction To QETs

Discover how QETs are revolutionizing the measurement, recording, verification, and trading of environmental attributes data, with unmatched clarity and accuracy.

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Transparency Redefined

See how EarnDLT®'s technology guarantees data integrity and creates trust across the carbon accounting landscape.

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Empowerment Through Data

Learn about the role of QETs in enabling verifiable emission reduction claims, moving beyond traditional offsets to a future of precise, actionable sustainability.

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Vision For Sustainability

Gain insights into how EarnDLT® is shaping a sustainable future, leveraging data to drive environmental and business transformation.

How it works

EarnDLT® seamlessly connects the fragmented parts of the commodities industry, allowing for an unprecedented level of data utilization.

Through the tokenization of verified Scope 1 emissions data, we offer a pathway to not only monetize sustainable practices but also to support claims for Scope 1, 2, and Scope 3 emission reductions.

The details are in the QET paper, ready to redefine how you approach environmental attributes.

Discover how EarnDLT works

“By leveraging Earn to transact Environmental Attributes, we expect to be able to differentiate and add value to our low carbon products.”

— Tim Cornelius, Head of Corporate Development, Proman AG

"By leveraging EarnDLT to transact Environmental Attributes, we expect to be able to differentiate and add value to our low carbon products."

— Tim Cornelius, Head of Corporate Development, Proman AG

"Earn has created a new commercial path for our commodity and environmental attributes, giving optionality and clarity to the downstream market in a way that benefits our entire value chain."

— Kelly Bott, SVP Corporate Affairs , Purewest Energy

"Downstream customers, from utilities to chemical producers, have made clear their desire to reduce supply chain emissions. Earn offers the perfect tool to track emissions and create market forces to decarbonize operations."

— Ryan Brush, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Project Canary

"We see the Earn platform as a crucial bridge that provides commercialized access to valuable data, enabling operators to capitalize on new opportunities."

— Greg Reicker, Co-Founder and CTO, LongPath Technologies

Join the forefront of commodity and energy production innovation with EarnDLT's Quantified Emissions Tokens®

QETs move your sustainability efforts beyond CSR, and into revenue generation.

Download the paper to explore how you can lead in the digital sustainability frontier.

Download the QET Paper