How does EarnDLT® work?

EarnDLT is run on a transparent and permissioned private blockchain; owned and run by its users, and connected to all industry participants. 

This immutable database ensures that the measured, recorded, and verified data is stored and transferred across an entire value chain with maximum trust. 

Earn can be integrated directly into producer and third-party verifier systems, so verified data assets across any commodity type can be created following industry-leading standards.

Driving Digital Transformation Via Tokenization

Tokenization is the process of using blockchain technology to convert the value and ownership rights of any data asset into a token that can be traded on a private network.

By using tokens, EarnDLT® mitigates the risk of double-counting and enables the simple and efficient compartmentalization, management, and transfer of data across multiple users in a complex value chain.

The EarnDLT Environmental Attributes Token Ecosystem

The power of EarnDLT’s solution lies in the transformation of key emissions and governance-related data from differentiated commodity producers into digital tokens stored on a secure, private blockchain. This results in highly precise and immutable digital assets that can be easily traded along with complete provenance records.

Discover Our Token Technology
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EarnDLT® Scales Lending 
Transactions With Churchill

The EarnDLT® system is applicable across industries where there are audit, verification and compliance needs. EarnDLT® is also working with partners to  streamline the trade of loans and automating collateral files in real estate.

More Accurate Life Cycle Analyses

Every token EarnDLT® mints contains precise, GHG Protocol-compliant sustainability and emissions data (including methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide emissions, and more) for each stage of the energy’s lifecycle. This high-quality data replaces estimates in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) calculations for finished products.

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Earn is integrated directly into energy producers' systems

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Third party verifiers validate energy's environmental data

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Data is transformed into digital tokens on the blockchain

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Buyers retire tokens, offsetting emissions with confidence

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Unlock the true potential of your data with EarnDLT

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