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Unlock new value with Quantified Emissions Tokens®

EarnDLT empowers sales and marketing teams at energy and commodity companies to monetize their environmental attributes, transforming previously underutilized data into a tradable digital asset and enabling greater trust, transparency, and provenance across the value chain.

Monetize Your Sustainable Commodity Production

EarnDLT® connects the siloed parts of the commodities industry to enable environmental attributes data to be measured, recorded, verified, and traded in a way that everyone can trust.

Why use EarnDLT?

Improve customer value and loyalty

Provide customers with a secure and transparent record of production details, origins, and associated environmental attributes.

Product differentiation

Enhance brand moat by demonstrating your commitment to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and product quality.

Increase sales and revenue

Drive premium prices with differentiated products and transact tokens directly for increased sales and profit.

Enhance your revenue with EarnDLT
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“By leveraging Earn to transact Environmental Attributes, we expect to be able to differentiate and add value to our low carbon products."

— Timothy Cornelius, Head of Corporate Development, Proman AG

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Enterprise Users


cubic feet of natural 
gas digitized


metric tons of CO2e 
reductions recorded


Integrations with major commodities producers


6mo API access uptime


metric tons of CO2e 
reductions recorded

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EarnDLT® provides sales, trading, and marketing teams with a valuable opportunity to monetize their low-carbon and sustainable environmental attributes. 

By allowing producers to tokenize their verified Scope 1 emissions data into QETs, EarnDLT® transforms underutilized data into a high-value, tradable digital asset – which producers can then transact with energy buyers to report Scope 1, 2, and Scope 3 emission reductions. These tokens can be seamlessly transacted through segregation, mass-balance, or book & claim methods.

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Monetize your environmental attributes with EarnDLT

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