Commodity Producers

Bring Trust To Your Entire Production Chain

With EarnDLT®, producers can now track and quantify environmental attributes associated with their products from the point of production, through the supply chain with a tamper-proof audit trail.

Digitize Your Sustainable Commodity Production

EarnDLT® connects the siloed parts of the commodities industry to enable environmental attributes data to be measured, recorded, verified, and traded in a way that everyone can trust.

Why use EarnDLT?

Enhance product traceability and provenance

The QET provides an immutable and tamper-proof ledger for recording and trading production data.

Improved supply chain and regulatory trust

Track commodity emissions throughput across the supply chain and ensure trust and visibility for downstream customers.

Future-proofing carbon markets

Excel in addressing increasing compliance requirements and customer demand for product sustainability, transparency, safety, and labor practices.

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Enterprise Users


cubic feet of natural 
gas digitized


metric tons of CO2e 
reductions recorded


Integrations with major commodities producers


6mo API access uptime


metric tons of CO2e 
reductions recorded

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EarnDLT® provides commodity companies with a valuable opportunity to digitize their sustainable production data and verified low-carbon attributes, enhancing product and brand differentiation while staying true to commitments in lowering emissions.

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