EarnDLT Enables First-ever Natural Gas Transactions Using Quantified Emissions Tokens™ Between Rockcliff and Proman

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EarnDLT announced today a collaboration with Rockcliff Energy II LLC (Rockcliff), an exploration and production company focused on the Haynesville play in East Texas, to produce Quantified Emissions Tokens™ (QETs) and make them available for purchase on EarnDLT’s electronic registry. These digital assets represent the highest quality differentiated gas in the market, featuring continuously monitored and quantified emissions data from the specific well pad that produced the gas. This data is stored on EarnDLT’s private blockchain technology, offering buyers the authentic and irrefutable data needed to accurately evidence a reduction in emissions.  

Proman, a global leader in methanol production, is an early buyer of Rockcliff’s QETs. These tokens facilitate a substantial reduction in the carbon intensity of Proman’s methanol production in the United States, supporting their commitment to driving down emissions from existing and future production.  

“Proman is committed to the highest standards for our methanol production, which includes responsibly sourcing our natural gas wherever possible and investing in industry-leading emissions verification technology. QETs represent our high standard—including 3rd party verification that gives Proman comfort that minimal emissions are present at the wellhead level,” said Jarrod Hodson, Managing Director of Proman in the USA. “The EarnDLT blockchain platform assures Proman that these environmental attributes cannot be double counted, are seamlessly transferred, and can be retired permanently for our reporting purposes here in the U.S. and within the EU.”

Rockcliff utilizes Project Canary for independent, real-time continuous emissions monitoring and measurement at each of its Haynesville wells to quantify emissions and to obtain operation insights to best manage emissions. EarnDLT integrates this quantified emissions data from Project Canary with additional attributes, such as origin and production information, to create QETs. The emissions and gas production is also evaluated by a third party auditor that verifies the information. The tokens are available for easy distribution to buyers through the EarnDLT platform, which is free to all end users and is built using secure blockchain technology to eliminate all concerns of double counting.  

“Rockcliff is committed to the ongoing production of clean and responsible natural gas. Quantified Emissions Tokens are an innovative way to provide customers with the low-methane emissions data associated with this gas,” Rockcliff CEO Alan Smith said. “With Project Canary’s high-fidelity data and EarnDLT’s trustworthy blockchain solution, buyers can have full confidence when using QETs to reduce their carbon intensity and scope 3 emissions.”